Friday, November 2, 2012

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Hey guys. I got to uni a bit early this morning and my phones about to die so I thought I'd run up to the computer lab to charge it and fit in a blog post as it has been a while. AHH my hands are frozen I can't type fast. It's meant to be max 15degC today...coming from Australia this is like the height of our winter! Whereas it is still technically Autumn here in Japan. I struggled to find something weather-appropriate this morning but eventually managed to get some layering happening, which is serving me well so far.

Taken in the bathroom at uni to send to my boyfriend haha. He mustn't forget how cute I am...:P
Does anyone out there have any tips for winter dressing?! I have no experience what so ever.

The reason my phone is so flat is that I always spent the majority of my 1.5hr train commute flicking through recent posts of my favourite blogs through the 'Bloglovin' app and 'Pinterest'. I find this activity a great way for me to start my day. It makes me feel a little connected with the non-Japanese world. I mainly flick through health blogs, looking at recipes I could try here or when back home, yoga and running tips, which keep me motivated to keep it up while here. I stumbled across a cute blog, through a motivational Pinterest photo, that is written by a girl embarking on a new weight loss journey. Her posts are so honest and real and she seems really keen to rally up support for herself but also as a way of supporting others. I love these sorts of reads on the train. If you are looking for some support and motivation in your own new health/lifestyle journey, I recommend getting involved with her new blog here! 

Ahh late for class!!!!! ttyl

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