Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Best cheap sushi in Tokyo

Looking for a fun sushi experience while in Tokyo? While sushi trains in Japan are so cheap and pretty fun, nothing beats the freshness and taste of the nigiri made right in front of you by professional sushi chefs as they are called.

The place we found was a standing sushi bar and was full of business men probably on their way home. Scott ordered a beer and I got a miso soup. We then just had to tell the chef behind the glass what we wanted and he would make it up and place it down in front of us in seconds. For those who don't speak english (they had an english menu BUT), you could get away with just pointing at the fresh fish behind the glass and indicating how many pieces you want.

One serving of nigiri (two pieces) was only 150yen whereas in other sushi bars they are start at 600yen and climb fast. Scott and I were button-busting full at only 2500yen for the two of us!!

We found this tiny place near Shinjuku station West exit. It is in the same vicinity as the Electrical street (Yodobashi Camera building etc) and is on the same street as the starbucks, but a block closer to the station

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  1. That place is my FAVOURITE!!! its amazing! and so cheap too :) You can also order fresh at a sushi train place (I do it all the time).