Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Japanese ryoukan (traditional inn) dinner and breakfast

Scott and I recently spent a night at Hotel Konansou in the town of Kawaguchiko on one of the five lakes near Mt Fuji.
I wanted him to experience a traditional Japanese inn, hot spring bathing, see Mt Fuji and eat a full Japanese spread. We succeeded! Our room was all tatami flooring (woved straw) and had its very own hot spring tub outside looking out to Mt Fuji. It also had a western bathroom, toilet, tea facilities etc.

Dinner was served in our room, and as usually, was huge and varied! We had a hot pot of beef and vegies, a hot plate for the abolone, squid and wagyu and other small dishes included a crab miso soup and groud pork dumpling. Lots of seasonal vegies, some pickled, sashimi, a huge oyster, sweet potato, chestnuts and different tofus.

Breakfast was a similar afair but held in a common dining hall. As you can see, it is all about many small dishes of different things. The hot pot on the right had tofu, cabbage and some meat. Such breakfasts often include a piece of salt cooked salmon, pickled vegetable, miso soup and small egg sweet egg square.

Staying in a RYOKAN is definately reconmended to those travelling and wanting to experience something really authentic. It is much more expensive than your average hotel, but such a special experience and a memory you will have forever!

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