Sunday, July 8, 2012

I'm still here!

This is just a post to get my toes back in the blogging world again. It has been two weeks!
I've been super busy with uni, sleepovers at new friend's places and working on assignments into the night...oh and watching episodes of Offspring and Sex & the City (don't ask how they found a way into my "super busy" schedule..:P).

Last night was a roof top BBQ of a friend, Lisa, who is an English teacher at the highschool I did exchange at back in '09. It was so great mingling with a bunch of expats from Switzerland, Canada and the US, hearing their stories on what living as a foreigner in Japan for 20+ years is like.

Lisa's has a lot of japanese friends over too who I really enjoyed having slighty drunken japanese coversations with! (A robust and jolly American woman had us all on Margeritas!).

Some photos from early into the evening.

This lady is head of communications at a french pharmaceutical company. I had a lot to ask her:)

BBQs slightly smaller than Aussie ones...;)

Japanese style summer pj's i believe.

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  1. Grandad had a pair of those! So easy to wear! Only his were dark blue stripes!