Monday, July 23, 2012

English for kids

Today was hot and humid so I wasn't really keen for too much dancing and jumping around in today's english conversation class. My six adorable students also seemed a little flat...

And ofcourse to make this seem appropriate to the paying parents it was all in the english vocab we had learnt so far :)
So if they wanted a different coloured icing sugar they would say, for example, "yellow please".

They named the parts of the face as they were making them..."eyes", "ears" etc.

We made "angry" faces and "happy" faces.

While making the faces we sang "The months of the year" and the "What do you want to drink?" song...

I often had to raise my voice with "sit down please!" or "stop hitting her!" haha

This bright girl learnt to say "Can I make one more please?" as she was super speedy!!!

All in all it went really well...I might always allocate the last half of class to some kind of fun activity like this. While flashcards, board games, and 'Simon says' is fun and teaches them a lot, due to the energy shortage after the fukushima tsunami, this summer is gonna be a shocker! Any ideas for a cool, relaxing activity for kids? Fruit kebabs!

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