Saturday, June 9, 2012

Breakfast time!

Ok so basically I woke up  this morning undecided between my favourite porridge and banana, or getting a little more protein with something like an omelette…So I mixed them together!!!
Well, not really. I basically made oatmeal pancakes with egg whites. I didn’t have my grandpa’s recipe on hand so made it up as I went, expecting to fail as all my pancakes do. But it was actually pretty yummy served with ricotta cheese, honey and pecans!
Okay so just re-stating that this isn’t a proper recipe as all the one’s on the internet wanted buttermilk or oat flour etc…and I wasn’t really in the mood for replacing it with white flour this morning. But basically this is what I did-
3/4 cup traditional rolled oats
3 egg whites (could be nice to keep one or two yolks in next time)
½ tsp baking powder
Splash of milk (in hindsight I didn’t need the milk as the mixture was pretty thin without the white flour)
And that’s it.
I combined the ingredients, gave them a good mixing and tipped it out onto a hot non-stick frying pan. After 2 or so minutes I sliced some banana across the top, closed my eyes and flipped. It felt heavier and firmer than your conventional pancake due to the oats and banana so I couldn’t really tell when it was cooked through, but after a few minutes the aroma of caramelised banana was too much to handle and it was time to plate up!
Next came decorating the pancake with delicious fresh ricotta cheese, crushed pecans and honey. My host mother has Earl Grey flavoured honey which is AMAZING. I also sprinkled some ‘kinako’ powder on top which is basically just blended soy beans -very yummy on porridge too! Oh and of course a little cinnamon to give it that homey taste;)
All in all I was pretty impressed with myself. It tasted so naughty but was really just a natural, high protein and high fibre start to the day.
I think I could make this my regular Saturday morning breaky! I do believe this recipe however has a lot of room for improvement! I want them to be fluffier and lighter…perhaps blending the oats into a flour, or cooking them into porridge before-hand could work. Suggestions welcome!
I also have some ideas brewing for future topping options…how do we feel about mashed baked cinnamon-apple or a sweet pumpkin puree? Possibilities people!


  1. Yeah! I'm member number 1! Rightly so! the eldest should be first! What a great recipe you have invented - you have just won the 'Invention test' hehe - Masterchef!
    Now here is Grandpa's recipe if you want it, for Super Healthy Breakfast Pancakes!
    Combine in a food processor:-
    1+1/2 cups Rolled Oats; 1 cup milk; 2 eggs;
    Stand in refrigerator overnight to thicken
    Heat pan, cook pancakes (add a little more milk if too thick)
    Serve with fruit and yoghurt (e.g. blueberries; strawberries;mango;apricots;bananas) or sauce pancakes with mashed berries and maple syrup.
    Note: There is no sugar in this, so sweetness comes from fruit, sauce or by adding a little honey to mixture.
    But I really like your own try out as well!

    1. Ah great!! Thank you so much. It's so hard to get fruit over here. Just bananas and oranges at the moments. Too expensive and they don't seem that fresh. Better than nothing i guess. xx

  2. Hi Sweetheart,How about frozen berries as they are nutritious and really yummy as well. Dominic has started having berry smoothies for breakfast - berries, bananas, milk, 1/3Cup untoasted muesli, plain low fat yoghurt and blend.:)