Monday, June 18, 2012

Family fun in Japan

BBQ on the roof-top for father's day! These are always special times for the Mino family.
Papa works in another town so only comes home on Saturday or Sunday and heads back again Monday mornings. He is a quiet man, but after the night came up to me and said how special it was to him.

'Yakitori' is pretty much chicken skewers. We cooked up capsicum, mushrooms, carrot, beans, cabbage (severely underated in Australia) and had sides of salad, cream cheese and chilly sauce (my influence) and flour tortillas for wrapping the food in (also my influence:p).

Trying to be healthy I stuck to a lot of salad and vegies. The skewers tend to be layered with fat..the Japanese love it, but it freaks me out haha. Spanish wine mama bought from an international store. Was fruity but not too sweet:)

We were all high on fun family times and started taking sill photos.
Photo below is titled "looking out into the future". Mama said it was like a poster for North Korea.
We took so many and all laughed until we cried!!

Below titled "Let's pretend we are having fun for facebook"

Below title "Quick everybody pose like the cover of a LOST dvd"

Mama and papa were able to drink together, gossip and joke, and spend time with their kids that didn't involve homework, driving to sports or dragging them out of bed. A night well spent.


  1. If you have to have a family - this is the one to have! You really are so lucky! Like everything in life it comes with balances and checks - but you do seem to be having your share of the good ones, and this is solely a credit to you as a person - sensitive little thing that you are!!! Just loving the fact that you are sharing so much of your experience.

  2. Very true. While there are definately those checks, I am so grateful for being excepted as a member of this family. These fun family moments are few over here however when compared to that of the Holm clan. Miss you all!

  3. It sure looks like a fun night. Laughter and being silly carries such a good after feeling.