Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Weekly Photo Challenge (1)

As sad as it sounds, I've been doing a lot of internet surfing lately, perhaps procrastinating from kanji study, report writing and speech practice..ugh. I stumbled across a digital photography website as I am wanting to start using my NikonD3100 more while I am over here. A blogger on this website has organised a weekly photo challenge where every week there is a technique or theme that you would have to use in your photo somehow. Check it out at Digital Photography School- weekly photo challenge.

I thought this would be a good way of making me take the camera out a little more often and motivate me to take it off auto and play around with the settings a little more. So here goes.

This weeks topic: YOUR BEST FRIEND.

Could be anything, a person, food, laptop etc...I chose little Kenneth. My faithful teddy that is also there for a cuddle when I need it.

My mini aim was to only use natural light.
Was going for the 'sitting and waiting for their return' kinda look;)

^^I think this says it best. Sitting inside on a gloomy rainy day.
Bit of blur in the foreground and background. Do I get any points?

Anyway, that's my first effort. I know it's probably only meant to be one photo but I guess I can do whatever I please (actually I'm just not decisive enough..next time I'll try sticking to one shot!)


  1. Now I know why Rufus is patiently waiting in a cupboard - he his happy to share!!!!

  2. Rufus is actually waiting patiently with mum haha. And true, he would have to be my best friend actually. We can mind read! haha xx

  3. I read this during lunch sitting at my desk. Small giggles started slipping out and then soft muffled laughter as work colleagues looked around to see what's up. So cute, so poignantly lonesome. Well done. I love the photos and will look forward to more.