Saturday, June 23, 2012

Guy's handbags

I could go on and on with how Japanese and Australian fashion styles differ. I've already mentioned the need here to wear MORE clothes the HOTTER it gets, but another little thing that has caught my eye this week is the bags boys have been carrying around uni campus. They are pretty much what I would call women's handbags.

It brought me back to a memory of browsing through MYERS with Scott for an appropriate bag for uni. He was wanting something a nicer looking than a back pack, but made it clear he didn't want anything that said he was one of those 'new-age sensitive metrosexual guys' or into manicures and chick flicks. For a guy who only every carries around a phone, keys and wallet, he was stepping into the unknown territory of the MAN BAG. This is a bit of a tricky task for a lot of Australian guys I think- wanting to try the over the shoulder bag while maintaining their masculinity.
When I first started noticing the women's handbag look in Japan I found it hard to get used to, and well I still do I suppose. But I'm begining to feel sorry for Aussie guys who all stress out about trying not to look homosexual when choosing to adopt some kind of bag in their daily attire. What if all Aussie men embrace the handbag! Off the shoulder for easy acces, and great for keeping those little things you might need across the day like pen and notepad, water bottle, face towel, chapstick for those dry lips, and an afternoon snack if your out all day etc. Plus new studies are saying carrying mobiles around in pant pockets is bad for fertility!

So what do we think? Is this a look Australians could ever embrace for their men? Personally, I still prefer the long strap statchel style bag for guys (if they had to stray from the trusty backpack). But perhaps that is just because this is all we know in Australia. Maybe I should bring home Scott one of these little black handbags and see if it starts a brand new craze...

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