Saturday, October 13, 2012

Back on the blogging horse

OK I'm back. I don't know exactly what had me away for so long as I was really enjoying it, but have a few ideas. I think blogging must be a form of escape and pleasure during my study-intense uni weeks. Only with assessment and mock exam questions piling up, do I get the desire to browse through my favourite blogs, which in return motivates me to write something of my own.

The past two months have been summer holiday in Japan so no class work (and I seemed to just forget the fact that I still have my JLPT exam in December). I spent three weeks in Australia visiting my boyfriend, friends and family, which gave me new found motivation for getting back into the last five months of my time in Japan. Then Dad, Jill and brother Dom were here for a week and we hiked a little through Nagano and Gifu Prefectures, as well as seeing the best of Osaka city life.

Water fall on one of the 9km hikes. The other hikers were pretty surprised!
Then having two whole months pass without a post, nothing seemed worthy enough of being THE comeback post haha. Everything seemed too random and out of the blue. Then on my jog today (post to come) I figured I just needed to get straight back into it as I do enjoy it and for now it is for me. It doesn't matter that I don't have strong 'blogging goals' and 'intended audiences' but that this is a good way for me to feel balanced and connected while living in another family's home in another hemisphere.

Host mum on our holiday trip to Hokkaido
So get keen for some snippets of my time in Japan (whoever you are). I'm getting big on study, exercise and healthy eating, and hope to check out a few more kooky and cool places around town in these last ... FOUR months!

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