Saturday, October 13, 2012

10km challenge Week 1

I want to be able to run 10km all on my own.

In the past I have completed 10km FunRuns before (at about 1hr15) and found running with a huge group of strangers a lot easier than on my own. I've been through phases of running 3-5 kms on my own for a few weeks over the years, but that eventually dies away and I recently decided pre-breakfast walks were just as good for my weight maintenance (which they were!).

But one morning the other week a group of local runners in the park asked me to run with them for a while. I reluctantly joined them, and ended up doing two whole laps of the park with them (6km). I felt great and so impressed with myself :p Since then I have gone for 3km runs on my own about three or four times. The people I ran with that day however run abuot 10-15km every morning! I want to see if I'd be capable of lifting my game just a little more.

I then discovered that the local park is holding a 10km FunRun November 18 (two days before Scott visits!). I registered straight away and began researching running programs to get me to 10km. Most programs require three months, but I'll take what I can from them and see how far I can get to by November 18. So I think the funrun should be just one milestone in my challenge with the final victory being able to run it on my own, no crowd of strangers.

I'll be reporting on my running progress with the help of my new app "mapmyrun" which records where I'm running, how far, how many minutes and at what pace. Here is this morning's run:

The plan for now is to do a shorter run at a slightly faster pace at the start of the week, with a longer but slower paced run towards the end, complemented with strength, core and flexibility training in between. 
This week was 3km on Monday then 4.5km today. I'll think I'll stick to those figures next week too before making the 4.5km my short run and 5.5km my long. I'd like to sit down and work it out a little more clearly but have to STUDY!!! NO MORE POSTING UNTIL AFTER DINNER ANNA.

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