Monday, October 15, 2012

10km running challenge Week2

 So I've just penciled in my plans for this week of running. Tried to balance it out with different levels of cardio with the aim of getting through the endurance run on Sunday. I love pre breakfast walks so have kept them in this week, as opposed to last week which were runs every morning.

Mon- Rest day

Tue- slow run (4km)
      - core ("AbWorkoutPro" app level 'Express Abs- 16mins')
      - stretch

Wed- walk (40-60min pre breaky)
        - strength (30 day shred/own strength upper body workout)
        - stretch

Thur- slow run (4km) +stairs
       - stretch

Fri  - med-fast run (3km)
       - strength (30 day shred/own strength lower body workout)

Sat - walk (40-60min pre breaky)
      - core ('I am spartar- 30mins')
      - yoga

Sun- endurance run (5.5km!)
      - stretch

Have an 8:50am class tomorrow so have to be on the 7:20 train...which means waking up at 5:30 to get that run in!! :):):)

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  1. You crazy girl!! I'm doing some 30 DS as well and Jillian is a task master but I'm happy i'm keeping with it!! I'm sure you'll see results super fast!!!