Sunday, October 21, 2012

Apple crumble breakfast thickshake

I discovered Green Thickies while drooling over food-porn on Pinterest yesterday. It is a fantastic blog full of raw food recipes using a variety of fruits, veggies, nuts and seeds, to make delicious, wholesome thick smoothies. The creater of the blog also shares her amazing weightloss and illness-recovery journey which she gained through switching to thick yummy smoothies for breakfast and lunch.

Not following any particular recipe, but using them as inspiration, I gave it a go for lunch yesterday. I threw together some pumpkin, carrot, cabbage, green tea, sesame paste and tuscan spices, which when heated, turned out to be a really filling, tasty and warming soup. You can control the thickness of the meal with how much water you add. I liked it thick enough to eat with a spoon.

This morning again, I just used what I could find to make a thickie for breakfast.

I'm sorry I didn't take a photo as it was sooo yummmy. Was sweet enough, had great texture and so filling! It was so good I wrote a note on my phone to send to family and friends haha.

FYI-- 351 calories, 4g fat and 9g protein (thank you soy flour).

Can't wait to try more over the next few months as it get's colder!

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