Sunday, October 21, 2012

10km running challenge Week 3

Week 2's performance? Two thumbs up! I am very proud of myself actually.

Ended up running 5 days, and power walking only one. I hung around the 4km zone most runs until Saturday I decided to run with a duration goal as opposed to distance. I set my goal for 45mins which to my suprise got me to 6.8km! I would not have thought I was ready for a 6km run last week but apparently I was! So I tried again this morning with the 45min goal and reached 7.3km (yesterday I was stopped mid-run by some elderly women for a chat about where I came from and why I was in Japan haha).

47mins ran 7.36km

So I can officially announce that 4km is my new 'Short Run' hehe yay!

legs up in the air. clear blue sky
Recovering this morning after the 7km

Week 3's (rough) running outline

Mon- Rest day

Tue- am Power walk (40min) or short run (4km)
       - pm 30DayShredL2/own strength

Wed-  Run 6km, abs and stretch

Thur- 45 min run (7km?), stairs

Fri-    Power walk (40min), 30DayShredL2/own strength

Sat-   Run 6km, abs and stretch

Sun- Long run (8km!?!), Big stretch.

Four weeks left until the big day:)

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